With the big energy suppliers engaged in an online price war – the message is clearer than ever – customers must make competition in the market work for them, and it’s never been more relevant with the current highs that energy bills are reaching. The difference in cost between the cheapest deals in the market and standard plans is vast – for the average household the difference is well clear of £200!

Equally, many online plans have the added bonus of allowing customers to receive paperless billing – a real benefit if you want to cut down on your paperwork at home. Some plans only require you to sign up online, but then continue to receive paper statements if that’s your preference. On top of that you can submit meter readings online, improving the accuracy of your bills and the efficiency with which you manage your energy.

Switching supplier or plan is not something to be afraid of. In fact it really is straightforward. Your supply will never be interrupted – something that can be a real worry. It’s a case of getting an impartial quote, supplying a few quick details, and waiting for a bill from your new supplier at the new, cheaper rates.