We’ve done extensive research on how easy customers find their energy bills to understand. Our latest research has revealed that a staggering 86% of respondents were unable to calculate the correct total of an energy bill after being supplied with an example bill as a test. This just highlights the obstacles that consumers are facing when trying to find the best deal for their gas and electricity, and that things are not as clear to customers as they should be.

Ofgem are soon going to announce their proposals to help the energy market become clearer and more transparent for customers. This will put energy companies under increased scrutiny when it comes to the type of information that they are required to provide to customers and how easy that information is to understand.

A sound knowledge of who your current supplier is, but more fundamentally an understanding of what your current tariff is and how much energy you use, is essential when you are trying to make an informed decision about who your energy supplier should be. Customers need all the tools at their disposal if the competition in the market is to work effectively.