A snowy street

A snowy street in Kent

As I walked to the station this morning, I watched as drivers skidded down the icy roads, and observed more than a few nasty dents on cars that may have been involved in accidents. Seeing our roads in such a state got me thinking about the standards of driving in the UK.

It’s true that we have less accidents and deaths on our roads than many other countries, but it’s also true that we have a fairly moderate climate. I think that if I took a poll among drivers, I might find that a fair proportion of them passed their driving test without ever having experienced really bad weather, icy conditions, night time driving, or having more than one passenger in the car.

This, coupled with a lack of experience, could be the cause of many accidents during this icy weather. To reduce the number of accidents, legislation could be passed to make sure that learner drivers have to prove they can drive in these conditions in order to pass their test.

Of course we cannot control the weather, so this may involve using a driving simulator to recreate the necessary conditions. The higher cost of involving a simulator could be offset by offering discounts on car insurance premiums, or by giving the new driver cashback for every year they go without an accident.

Do you think these measures could help reduce accidents on Britain’s roads?