Hello everyone. My name’s Ollie and I work in the Personal Finance team here at uSwitch.com. I joined uSwitch back in the summer after I graduated and have since worked in the domestic and business energy teams before starting my new role. uSwitch first came to my attention some years ago, I’d always liked the company’s customer-centric approach as well as how good their roaming choir was. “You gotta Switch!”, they told me, so I did, and now I work there.

And so today I’m here to tell you about a great prize that could be yours. The latest prize up for grabs at uSwitch.com is an opportunity that will last a lifetime but is also incredibly useful and practical. We’ve teamed up with Experian to give one lucky person a lifetime’s membership to Experian’s CreditExpert worth a staggering £2,875! See, I told you it would last a lifetime.

But what’s the point in checking your credit rating I hear you say? Indeed, that’s something I often used to ask myself. Well, it turns out there’s more than just one good reason to. Why not turn the tables on the high street banks and see what lenders see about you for a change? Or help protect yourself against identity fraud by quickly highlighting any irregularities on your report that you can then take action against. You’ll also be able to take the first steps to improve your credit rating by targeting where you’ve room to improve. Improving your credit rating will allow you access to credit at lower rates of interest in the future whether it’s a mortgage for your house you’re after or that shiny new credit card everyone’s raving about. Or, like me, you might just want to be able to store and view all of your credit accounts in one manageable, straightforward place whenever, wherever. One thing well worth bearing in mind is that checking your report won’t affect your credit rating, so you really do have nothing to lose.

Quite the prize I’m sure you’ll agree. And if there’s anyone out there who simply can’t wait to get their hands on their credit report then there’s more good news, because you can get a free 30-day trial of Experian’s CreditExpert by visiting our credit report homepage.

We’ve also made it really, really easy to apply. You can do so online, over the telephone (by calling 0800 404 7961) and even by getting in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter!  I tell you what, you could even enter right now simply by sending your full name and contact details to Experian_competition@uswitch.com Go on, it could be your lucky day. I don’t think we could make entering any easier, but if you’ve got an idea about how we could then why not kick off the comments below and we’ll get back to you. This is one prize draw I’ll certainly be entering*.

Good luck everyone.

*Disclaimer, employees of uSwitch cannot enter the prize draw.

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