As I have mentioned in my blog previously, British Gas – which is owned by Centrica Plc and is the largest retail energy company in the UK – has begun in earnest to ramp up the roll out of its smart metering strategy. At this very early stage, again as I have mentioned before, there is still a great deal of uncertainty around what the approved meters will look like and who will install them etc so it is reasonably brave on the part of British Gas to go full steam ahead.

In the latest piece of news in relation to their plans they have appointed a tried and tested nationwide logistics firm in the form of DHL. The main purpose for this, they state, is to support the roll out of all of the new meters over a five year period and is allegedly to help the benefits of smart metering not being consumed by the huge carbon footprint that could be created as a result of the rollout. The deal is said to be worth £17m. So basically DHL will get smart meters out to the engineers and take away the old ones with minimal impact on the environment.

This takes British Gas closer to their target of rolling out two million smart meters to domestic customers by 2012. So watch out for the next piece of the program from British Gas which I am sure will follow swiftly.