1 in 10 believe their homes are haunted

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One in ten homeowners (13%) believes their house is haunted, whilst ghostly apparitions are putting off prospective buyers across the country, according to new research from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks.

A massive 57% would be put off investing in a home if they believed it was already inhibited by ghosts.

The rest of homeowners aren’t too keen on sharing their house with uninvited guests either – 40% would sell their beloved home if they believed it to be haunted.

The East of the country topped the charts of those who would be put off a property it housed the supernatural, with 62% admitting that this was the case – London came in at third with a heady 57%.

Apparently, 99% of noises ‘have perfectly reasonable explanations like loose floorboards’ so double check under the carpets before you rush to pack your bags and move home.