As Kate Middleton prepares to be married to  Prince William, a uSwitch survey has shown that over seven out of ten in the UK now identify themselves as middle class. Here are some of the questions there were asked in the poll. Compare your answers to what the rest of the nation said:

What is middle class?

1. Which class do you consider yourself to be? 

(23.2% said working class; 70.5% said middle class)

2. Which class do you consider, your parents to be/have been?

(44.1% said working class; 52.7% said middle class)

3. Which class do you consider your grandparents to be/have been?

(60.9% said working class; 33.8% said middle class)

4. Which of these factors do you believe determines your class? 

  • My Job
  • My parents’ occupation
  • My education
  • My behaviour/lifestyle choices
  • My upbringing
  • Who I’ve married

(53.9% said ‘my job’; 23.4% said ‘my parents occupation’; 64.8% said ‘my education’; 63.5% said ‘my behaviour/lifestyle choices’; 55.7% said ‘my upbringing’; 15.2% said who I’ve married’)

5. Do you believe class is directly linked to success in life?

(47.8% said Yes; 42.7% said no.)

6. Which of the following do you agree with?

  • The middle classes enjoy better opportunities
  • The middles classes will always achieve more
  • The middle classes have it easier

(54.3% said ‘the middle classes enjoy better opportunities’; 23% said ‘the middles classes will always achieve more’; 16.5% said ‘the middle classes have it easier’.)

7. If you have identified yourself as middle class, do you think the recession has hit the middle classes harder than anyone else?

(36.3% said ‘yes’)

8.  If you have identified yourself as middle class, which of the following best describes your role at work?

(29% said intermediate manager or professional)

9. What makes people middle class?

(71.6% said ‘Being a professional’.)

10. If you have identified yourself as middle class, has the recession made it difficult to maintain the standard of living that fits your class?

(39.6% said No – it hasn’t affected me; 19.8% said ‘I have stretched myself to maintain my standard of living; 25.4% said ‘I can’t afford the luxuries I once had; 11.1% said ‘I’ve had to downsize significantly.)

What do you reckon? Are seven out of ten of us really middle class? Would you put yourself in the same social bracket as Kate Middleton? Or is all this outdated and class barriers a thing of the past? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts…

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