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Last in our smartphone glossary by tech expert Ernest Doku, we take a look at the undeniably innovative world of the iPhone:


Proof that gadgets can be more than the sum of their parts, the iPhone may not have the fastest processor or the most camera megapixels but the combination of form, operating system and touchscreen user experience has seen it steal a march in terms of popularity and cultural significance, if not pure market share.

Since 2007, Apple’s iPhone has seen off all manner of competition, homages, even alleged ‘slavish copies’ of their original device.

From the app store to the home screen, the iPhone has been instrumental in projecting the perception and increasing the allure of smartphones to the average consumer.

Price and desirability are major factors keeping the iPhone firmly positioned as leader in the premium smartphone market… apparently categories that Google’s Android is making some real headway in.

Hopefully this series has gone some way to provide a little more context for these manufacturers, terms and buzzwords, and if nothing else, will help you to sound a little more tech-savvy the next time that the topic of mobiles and the rise of the smartphone comes up!