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What is a megabit? What is the difference between a megabit and megabyte? What do they have to do with broadband? Ernest Doku explains in a few handy points…

– A megabit (written as ‘Mb,’ and not to be confused with a megabyte or ‘MB’) is a unit of data to measure network speed, usually by the second.

– This is what creates the acronym ‘Mbps’ or ‘megabits per second’.

– There are 8 megabits in 1 Megabyte (MB).

– To achieve a transfer rate of 1MB per second, a network connection with a speed of at least 8Mbps is required (with the national average being 6.8Mbps).

– The size of a 4 minute MP3 audio track is around 3MB, a 40 minute TV show is approximately 300MB, a 90 minute movie can be around 700MB and a regular Blu-ray disc can hold as much as 51,200MB!

– To ascertain the download time of an item, divide the number of MB by 8 to work out (roughly) how long it will take in Mbps.