Alright, happy is stretching it a bit, but I’m definitely not angry that my gas and electricity bill has gone up by £200 a year.


Well, I was on a fixed price energy tariff that was coming to an end – I fixed before last winter’s price rises so I was on a very competitive deal.

When my contract end date came around, I knew that my bills were going to go up whether I liked it or not.

When I did a comparison, I found that the cheapest online tariff for me would be £150 a year more expensive.

However, when I looked at fixed price tariffs, I found a plan that was £200 more expensive than my current one, but would fix my energy prices until 2014.

I jumped at the chance to fix for that long. There may be some doubt over what exactly will happen to energy prices over the next few months, but they are certain to go up over the next three years.

The extra £50 year  over the cost of the cheap online deal seemed like a reasonable premium to pay for long-term security.