1. It’s August!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

OK, OK we’ve not had the best weather in the world recently and we may have suffered the coldest summer for a decade but STILL. It’s August. Turning on the heating would be an admission of defeat against the weather and that’s just not in our nature.

2. You haven’t had your home insulated yet

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Did you know insulating your home could save you a fortune? Insulating your loft alone could save you up to £128 a year.  There’s even some great deals out there that will give you home insulation for free.  You pay for the heating – keep it!

3. Jumpers

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I sound distinctly like my mother here, but it’s a good point. It’s not below freezing and it’s nothing a jumper and a pair of socks can’t sort out. It may not be sexy, but it certainly saves you some money.

4. The environment

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Whether or not you’re interested in the environment, global warming and saving the planet, it can’t help your conscious or your bank balance to make sure you aren’t wasting energy unnecessarily. See above for some greener approaches to keeping warm in this dismal weather.

5. Money!

We’re all trying to keep a hold of it, so why throw it away? It looks like it’s going to be a long, cold winter and the longer you can keep the heating off, the less of a shock your energy bill will be after Christmas. Gas and electricity costs are rising – and suppliers keep putting them up! Obviously you have already switched to the cheapest gas and electricity supplier (we wouldn’t expect anything less!), so maximise your reward and save your heating for when you really need it!