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Centrica – the company which owns British Gas – today announced that  it had made profits of £1.26 billion.

This news comes just three weeks after British Gas told customers that it would be putting up gas prices by 18% and electricity prices by 16% from 18th August.

We shot a quick video blog post with uSwitch energy expert Tom Lyon to explain more about the profit announcement.

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Image by zebble via Flickr

Image by zebble via Flickr

By Ann Robinson

Last week British Gas announced its own Green Deal –  British Gas Home Energy Plan – which is available to its 16m customers.  This is in advance of the government’s own Green Deal scheme which is expected to start late next year.

The core of the scheme is that British Gas will arrange finance through Barclay’s Bank to pay for energy efficiency measures such as insulation, a new boiler, solar panels and the money saved on energy bills will cover the cost of paying this back.  This is what is called the ‘golden rule’.   An example is if you are paying about £1200 a year for your gas and electricity your cost after the Green Deal could be £900 and the amount you have to pay back less than £300.  This means as energy prices look set to rise by 15% this winter, instead of paying an extra 15% on £1200 you are paying it on £900 – an immediate saving of just over £50.  Unfortunately the days of cheap energy are long gone and prices are going to get even more unaffordable for most of us and I really believe the only way we can survive is by significantly reducing the amount we use.

If anyone is worried about getting a Green Deal let me offer some reassurance about the British Gas scheme and the Green Deal the government will bring in next year.  First, there will be a proper assessment done to ensure that the savings will cover the pay back for the cost of the work.  Second, the government’s scheme will mean that only people doing the work to a high standard will be allowed to come anywhere near your home.  Third, the package will be put together for you so you do not have the hassle of finding your own plumbers, installers etc.  In other words it will be trouble free and save you serious money on your energy bills.

So I would urge British Gas customers to get onto the phone to British Gas and get Green Dealed.  I know you won’t regret it.

How much have energy bills gone up over time? How much will they go up after British Gas’ price rise? Click for a larger version of the image.

British Gas prices has gone up by 18% on gas and 16% on electricity. In this video Ian Peters, MD of British Gas, explains why.

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