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By Deborah Burley

The supermarket’s Christmas aisles have been full since September, and like it or not, the festive season is fast approaching. At uSwitch we’ve been getting very excited about the possible stocking fillers from our online shop – we’ve got loads of small and quirky energy-efficient treats!  If you’ve still got lots of gifts to buy then have a look at our 2011 stocking suggestions…

Top  ten xmas stocking fillers…

POWERplus Bee

This is great for wrapping up and putting in a stocking. This small and cute keychain torch is powered by wind-up dynamo- so you won’t be short of light again. It also glows in the dark – great for when you can’t find your keys.

Complete Ecoballs kit

 The perfect gift for the eco-conscious.  Ecoballs are set to revolutionise the way we do our washing – there’s no need to add detergent, you can wash your clothes at a lower temperature; they’re kind to the environment and to your skin too. We’re full of Christmas cheer for these wonders.

Osun MushRoom Green ZERO charger

This nifty little gadget turns the power off from a charger when it’s finished charging the phone. An ideal gift for someone who likes to charge their phone overnight. As well as this, it’s small and stylish compared to other standby-off phone gadgets.

iGo powerXtender charger

Small, handy and perfect for your globe-trotting friends. This charger gives 10 hours extra talk time, 20 hours extra playing time or 28 hours of listening time for their gadgets.

The H20 Shower Radio

A novelty present for those who love singing in the shower, it uses water to power it so there’s no need for batteries.

POWERplus Dragonfly

Candles make lovely Christmas presents but why not go for something a little different this year? The POWERplus Dragonfly is a solar powered light which flickers like a candle – great for those cosy Christmas days.

POWERplus Leopard solar remote control

For those who have no time for batteries, or who always lose them down the back of the sofa – a lack of batteries certainly won’t stop you from watching the Queen’s speech this Christmas.

Sylvania LED colour changing BC golf ball light bulb

This quirky energy-saving  light bulb shines seven different colours and makes a great present for kids…or for adults wishing to relive their disco days!


Got a computer obsessed friend? This will switch their computer into an energy-saving mode when they’re away from it. As well as this, it looks good too – what a great present.

Owl rechargeable battery pack AA/AAA

Batteries are a must on Christmas day and these OWL rechargeable batteries are long lasting and better for the environment than the disposable alternative.

We’ve got a whole year to wait until the latest instalment of James Bond hits our cinema screens, so for those of you who really can’t wait that long, why not get all 007 at home? Sound odd? It won’t when you see our top five James Bond-style products.

Your Mission: To make your home as energy-efficient as possible and be the spy who killed household energy waste.

Danlers wall switch 

What could be slicker than the lights coming on when you walk into a room? The Danlers wall switch will save you energy and is essential for your  James Bond lifestyle…It also has a manual setting for when it’s time to relax with the James Bond impersonations.

Eton Scorpion

The super powerful, master-of-all outdoor gadgets, Eton Scorpian has a torch, USB charger and radio. (If you tried the shaken not stirred nonsense but it didn’t work for you, then there’s even a bottle opener for your beers.)

Powerxtender Charger

This is the gadget to charge your gadgets. Small but mighty, the iGo Powerxtender charger offers power to all your regular spy gadgets: up to 10 hours of extra talk time, 20 hours of playing time and 28 hours of listening.


The energyEGG turns your appliances off when you leave the room, cutting your energy usage dramatically.  It means you don’t have to remember to turn the telly off before you embark on your mission – perfect for Bond, whose gadgets do all the hard for him.

H20 water powered alarm clock and thermometer

Every spy needs to keep a close eye on the time and the temperature so they can stay in control of their mission. With the H20 water powered alarm clock and a shower you won’t need batteries – it runs on water!

Scott Somerville, from E.ON, talks about why we spend so much of our income on gas and electricity costs:

The posts connected to the uSwitch Quality of Life Index raised an interesting perception that many people seem to hold true but is actually very far from the case.

The notion that we have some of Europe’s highest electricity and gas prices in the UK is wrong – what we do have though, and here’s the important bit, is some of the highest energy use and therefore higher bills than some countries.

This is despite the fact that some of the countries have much lower average temperatures and fewer hours of daylight than the UK but still often manage to use less energy for heating their homes.

But we can change this.

So let’s look at the facts and then take some action. These tables, based on government figures (source: DECC), show the price of electricity and gas around Europe:

Click to see larger image

Click to see larger image

The UK’s near the cheaper end but it doesn’t feel like that when we all get our bills.

There’s a harsh reality we have to face up to. While many people use energy wisely and are very efficient, many of us aren’t. This is despite the fact that with some simple changes and a little effort we can get control of our bills and potentially cut the amount spent every month on electricity and gas. This isn’t just something that’d be nice to do – it’s essential. The reality is global energy prices are set to continue rising that’s why to cut your bills you’ve got to take some action and we can help you every step of the way.

Sounds nice in theory but what do we all need to do?

Insulate: without insulation, you can lose 25% of your heat through the roof and 33% through the walls; with it you could save up to £340 a year.

Moderate: because you can’t see energy, you can’t see it being wasted. That’s why, in the last two years alone, we’ve given out 277,000 energy monitors, and software to enable our customers to track energy usage over time.

Generate: if you’re making energy yourself, then you don’t need to buy it from someone else. That’s why we’re helping customers to take advantage of the Government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme which is designed to kick-start the renewable energy market. If you can afford to invest in solar panels you can actually be paid to generate energy yourself. If you can’t, no problem; rent-a-roof schemes such as E.ON’s SolarExchange can provide solar panels without the need for substantial upfront investment, leaving you to benefit from the free electricity they generate.

We’re working really hard to engage with all our customers to help them make changes to their energy use and their bills. If we can help our customers control their bills and maybe even save a few quid we’ll have more happier customers and at the end of the day that’s good news for you and good news for us.

So don’t waste any more time (or money) take five minutes and head to where we’ll help you to create a personalised energy plan to reduce your consumption and save money whether you’re an E.ON customer or not.

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E.ON today announced a price rise of 18% or £114 for gas and 11% or £56 for electricity from the 13th September 2011.

In this video E.ON MD Graham Bartlett expalins the reasons behind the rise.

Read more about the E.ON price rise.