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We’ve got a whole year to wait until the latest instalment of James Bond hits our cinema screens, so for those of you who really can’t wait that long, why not get all 007 at home? Sound odd? It won’t when you see our top five James Bond-style products.

Your Mission: To make your home as energy-efficient as possible and be the spy who killed household energy waste.

Danlers wall switch 

What could be slicker than the lights coming on when you walk into a room? The Danlers wall switch will save you energy and is essential for your  James Bond lifestyle…It also has a manual setting for when it’s time to relax with the James Bond impersonations.

Eton Scorpion

The super powerful, master-of-all outdoor gadgets, Eton Scorpian has a torch, USB charger and radio. (If you tried the shaken not stirred nonsense but it didn’t work for you, then there’s even a bottle opener for your beers.)

Powerxtender Charger

This is the gadget to charge your gadgets. Small but mighty, the iGo Powerxtender charger offers power to all your regular spy gadgets: up to 10 hours of extra talk time, 20 hours of playing time and 28 hours of listening.


The energyEGG turns your appliances off when you leave the room, cutting your energy usage dramatically.  It means you don’t have to remember to turn the telly off before you embark on your mission – perfect for Bond, whose gadgets do all the hard for him.

H20 water powered alarm clock and thermometer

Every spy needs to keep a close eye on the time and the temperature so they can stay in control of their mission. With the H20 water powered alarm clock and a shower you won’t need batteries – it runs on water!


By Deborah Burley

If the autumn has taken your spark and the thought of staying indoors throughout the winter is getting you down, then why not try something new to keep you entertained? How about a touch of magic?!

In the uSwitch office we like to think of alternative ways to entertain ourselves and with our latest energy-efficient products we haven’t had to look too hard. There’s a certain charm about them that’s made us turn all Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee. Be dazzled by our ‘magical’ energy efficient products and use them to convince oblivious onlookers that you are actually a very skilled magician…

Top five ‘magical’ products…

Danlers wall switch

With a click of a finger, a clap of your hands or a glide into the room the lights will come on – as if by magic, (and there’s no need to tell your audience that it’s actually the motion sensors in the switch that does this…)

POWERplus Dragonfly

 This solar powered light can be used in the house or garden. Simply command the light to turn on, turn it upside down and ‘hey presto’ – the beautiful candle- like glow and flicker begins.

energyEGG standby saver

Ask your appliances to turn off when you leave the room, and they will! The energyEGG uses new technology to sense when you’ve left the room then switches off the wasted electricity being used through appliances like your television or radio – a trick sure to impress!

H2O radio shower

With no batteries, solar or dynamo needed, this must-have radio will work it’s magic in drowning out the sound of anyone singing in the shower.  Just add water to power- voila!

H2O water powered retro analogue clock

For your final trick, shock your friends as you fill your clock up with water and…it begins to work! You can see the water working inside the clock, adding to the appeal of this trendy retro clock.

By Deborah Burley

We can probably all agree that summer didn’t bring the weather we’d hoped for and now, with autumn firmly here, many of us can’t bear to face the winter months. So, at uSwitch we’ve decided to look forward to next summer instead of facing up to the reality of the chilly days ahead.

Here’s our top five garden products for next summer…

Solar Mate Secure 1 security light

Used for security but also as an on/off light when you go into the garden at night. It has three double sized LEDs so it’s capable of flooding an area of 16smq with light.

Murano solar garden globes (available in midnight, aqua, sunset or terra)

These stunning solar lights will make your garden even prettier in the summer months. With their beautiful design, the luminescent crystal and state-of-the-art white LED solar light appears to float in the air. We’ll be dotting these around our flowerbeds and ponds as soon as soon as spring hits -delightful.

POWERplus Dragonfly

 There’s nothing better than sitting in the garden on a warm summer’s evening and chatting to friends over a bottle of wine. You might light few candles too, but these have to be replaced and can often leave wax over your best patio table. With the POWERplus Dragonfly you can get the pleasure of a candle but the hassle- free convenience of a solar light – it mimics a candle; flickering under the moonlight after being powered by the sun.

Venetian solar garden lights

These solar garden lights are perfect for lighting up the garden path or drive. Made with a stainless steel body and shatter-proof glass, they’re durable enough to keep outside and their solar panels will last for two years.

1. It’s August!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

OK, OK we’ve not had the best weather in the world recently and we may have suffered the coldest summer for a decade but STILL. It’s August. Turning on the heating would be an admission of defeat against the weather and that’s just not in our nature.

2. You haven’t had your home insulated yet

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know insulating your home could save you a fortune? Insulating your loft alone could save you up to £128 a year.  There’s even some great deals out there that will give you home insulation for free.  You pay for the heating – keep it!

3. Jumpers

Image via Wikimedia Commons

I sound distinctly like my mother here, but it’s a good point. It’s not below freezing and it’s nothing a jumper and a pair of socks can’t sort out. It may not be sexy, but it certainly saves you some money.

4. The environment

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Whether or not you’re interested in the environment, global warming and saving the planet, it can’t help your conscious or your bank balance to make sure you aren’t wasting energy unnecessarily. See above for some greener approaches to keeping warm in this dismal weather.

5. Money!

We’re all trying to keep a hold of it, so why throw it away? It looks like it’s going to be a long, cold winter and the longer you can keep the heating off, the less of a shock your energy bill will be after Christmas. Gas and electricity costs are rising – and suppliers keep putting them up! Obviously you have already switched to the cheapest gas and electricity supplier (we wouldn’t expect anything less!), so maximise your reward and save your heating for when you really need it!